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On Purpose Academy Story

In 2015, On Purpose Academy and Mentoring Center (OPAMC) began as a small outreach for girls in the heart of Dayton, Ohio to prevent teen pregnancy. On a weekly basis, school age girls experienced arts and crafts, performing arts, peer mentoring, cooking, Spanish, field trips and community guest speakers. Our reputation for offering immersive learning experiences grew quickly and it became obvious we needed to expand our program offerings. 


In 2018, we became co-ed and opened On Purpose Preschool and After School Advantage programs. From then until now, OPAMC has been focused on providing unmatched educational services in the Early Childhood and School Age space.


Our Mission

The Mission of OPAMC is to elevate and inspire preschoolers and youth to be focused, purposeful, resilient. Our strategic services include a robust, research-based curriculum delivered in a fun and engaging environment that promotes the exploration of new ideas.


For our Preschoolers, we want them to be socially and emotionally ready for Kindergarten with advanced problem solving skills.

In addition, our programs strive to close the gaps in education and eliminate the lack of access for Early Childhood Education for poor and disadvantaged families.


Every Child has a Purpose and Value

Our Motto

This philosophy impacts and shapes every aspect of our programming, the collaborations and partnerships we establish and the mentors we allow in our Center.

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Open-door policy


On Purpose Academy and Mentoring Center maintains an Open-Door Policy for all parents and caregivers of enrolled children. Parents/Caregivers are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer and visit their child’s classroom throughout the year. This is especially important for new students. Our Open-Door Policy allows you to join us for circle time, large group, lunch or any time convenient in your schedule. We require all visits to be during regular Academy hours (6:30 am to 6:00 pm) but not during nap time. It is hard for children to rest their bodies when visitors are in the building. Therefore, from 12:30 pm to 2:30 pm, visitation is not allowed unless your child is in need of extra support. Additionally, a member of the Administrative team must be informed prior to entering the classroom but not prior to entering the building. It is our hope this Policy and our live feed into the classroom, will provide peace of mind and trust in our teachers, programs and services.

*(During COVID-19, the Open-Door Policy has been temporarily suspended until further direction from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services)

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